Fiber Inspiration

I ventured to my LYS last Saturday looking for some inspiration for something exciting we Nuhn girls are working on, but more to come on that later!

Usually when I shop for yarn I have one project in mind, this time I had multiple projects in mind and was letting the yarn be my inspiration. 

I first caught a glimpse of Rowan Creative Focus in Magenta and Teal. I put it down at least 4 times but I loved the colours so much I couldn’t leave it behind.


Then I came across Berroco Blackstone Tweed in Clover Honey. I’m a sucker for tweed!  


I’m a very tactile shopper so when I felt this skien I knew I had to have it. It’s Cascade Highland Duo,  70% undyed baby alpaca 30% undyed merino. I can’t wait to knit something with it. 

My LYS has a room they call the closet and one week a month she opens the door and has all the sale yarn in there. But once the week is over you can’t access it until the next month. So I was lucky that day it was open. I found some Dove by Tahki Yarns which is also so soft, and on sale for half price. Are you feeling the theme of this post that “I couldn’t resist it!” I cast on a Flax sweater and it’s like a soft cloud in my hands. 


And last but not least Harmony was on sale for half price, I grabbed up 4 skiens and will be waiting patiently for the closet to open next month to buy some more. 


I was very happy with my finds, they even gave me a nice Estelle reusable shopping bag!  

How do you pick out your yarns?



10 thoughts on “Fiber Inspiration

  1. Fab post! I’m in love with the teal and magenta colours!!! I have only just started buying yarn as am just starting to learn how to crochet so have just bought from a big fabric shop near my town. I would love to have a day out shopping just for yarns though! xxx

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  2. That looks like a great haul. I love the teal~
    When I’m picking yarn, the texture is the most important aspect to me. I don’t like stiff, scratchy yarns or lumpy yarns so before I buy, I have to touch it first, which is why I hesitate at the thought of ordering yarn online. And I love blues and greens in my yarn so if it’s a yarn line that has beautiful shades of those colors, I have to have it. XD

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  3. Beautiful yarns. I adore the Tweed and Dove. I can already imagine you knitting something pretty from it.
    I am terrible when it comes to yarns, I seem to always be buying and stashing. Sometimes I have a project in mind and buy just for the project. πŸ™‚


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