My Exciting Vintage Store Find: 1920s sewing patterns




Vintage Clothing has always been a love of mine. I have been wearing vintage clothing ever since I was a teenager – and it was hard to come by in the small town I lived in. In my 20s and 30s I had an online vintage clothing business and now my closet is filled with genuine vintage and vintage inspired clothing. (my teenage dream!)

In the summer I found an amazing new vintage clothing store filled with the beautiful 40s and 50s dresses and suits that I love to wear. So exciting!

On my most recent trip into the store I saw these vintage 20s patterns and I had to have them. They are in quite good condition for their age and I think they are all unused. The McCall pattern has a date of 1921 on it, the Butterick is 1923 and the Ladies Home Journal pattern is undated.



My first thought when I bought them was to make the dresses for myself. What a thrill that would be! However, after bringing them home, the thought of using and (potentially) destroying them seems out of the question. (I do my best to be graceful, but I have a terrible clumsy streak.) I am also pretty sure that these patterns would be a couple of sizes too big for me. These patterns piqued my interest in vintage sewing though, so I started doing a little searching and found that reproduction patterns are available for a fairy reasonable price at sites like Past Patterns.

So, my vintage patterns will likely remain unused, but they have sparked an interest in me to make a genuine 1920s dress. I’m eager to choose a pattern and find some fabric to get this project started. Vintage sewing seems to be an interest in a lot of the bloggers I follow as well. After noticing the Vintage Pledge badge on a few blogs I checked out A Stitching Odyssey. They invite you to join them in their third year of pledging to make at least one garment from a vintage or reproduction pattern. So I guess I’m in. 🙂 Let the fun begin.

Have you ever sewn with a vintage pattern? How do you choose a fabric for a vintage project? What would you do with these patterns? (Oh, I have so many questions…)


(the oldest Nuhn girl)


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9 thoughts on “My Exciting Vintage Store Find: 1920s sewing patterns

  1. Very lucky find!
    I would recommend sewing a toile in a very cheap version of a fabric you like. I wouldn’t risk expensive fabric on an untried pattern. If you are using modern copy patterns there will be suggested fabrics mentioned.
    Hope that helps

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  2. I’ve been following We Sew Retro; Friday’s weekly recap of submissions is great fun to see. This way I get to enjoy retro sewing without the agony (wrong cuts, ripping and redoing, etc.) of actually sewing them!

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