My Love of Wool

 I love wool!  Yes I know that may sound crazy but I do. My sister calls me a yarn snob and we laugh. It’s because once I had knit with natural fibres, it’s hard to go back to acrylic.  P.s.  I do think acrylic has its place and I do choose it for projects.  So after opening our Etsy shop this week (yeah!) I have been thinking about if people will love the wool sweaters I made as much as I do. I’ve heard the whispers when I’ve mentioned I knit baby sweaters with wool.  I know it’s not for some people because ease of care is at the top of their list, but I believe you can have both!
So I thought I would do a little post of my favourite features of wool!

1. Soft – yes, wool is soft.  Merino wool fibres are extremely fine, which makes them able to bend more than traditional coarser wool fibres.  So this makes the wool feel soft and luxurious against your skin.  Also I love the way it feel when I’m knitting.

2.  Elastic – the natural elasticity helps your clothes stretch with you, but also to return to their original shape.

3. Warm AND Cool – is this possible?  Why yes! (Are you starting to see why I love wool?) It reacts to changes in your body temperature. So you stay warm in cold weather and cool when it’s hot.

4. Breathable – Merino wool can absorb large quantities of moisture vapour then move it away to evaporate into the air.

5. Machine Washable – yes, I said it. Superwash wool means you can machine wash and tumble dry!

There’s more!  Wool is Static resistant, Stain resistant, Anti-wrinkle, Odour resistant, Fire resistant and Uv resistant!

After doing a bit of reading for this post it showed me how intricate the fibre is,
as this illustration shows:

So there it is!  Why I LOVE wool❤️
What’s your favourite material to knit with?




Road trip

For Family Day long weekend we decided to take a road trip to Ottawa and visit some old friends. Of course I took the opportunity to knit a baby sweater  in the car for the 5 hour drive. image

My first thought was oooh new yarn stores to visit!  So I looked up online and found there were 3 stores in the area.  My friend has just taken up crocheting so I knew she would love to go shopping for yarn as well.  I had run out of the yarn I was using for the sweater, and I was starting to sweat thinking that I wouldn’t have anything to knit all weekend!

We ventured to a local yarn shop called Wabi-Sabi.



The boys quickly found a seat to play on their phones to pass the time.


The shop had some cute details that I loved.  Like this mailbox used to house notions,


and tool box to hold knitting needles and crochet hooks.IMG_2547

I bought a skien from Punta Yarns Fuego.  I was able to use the swift in the store to hand wind my yarn so that I could start knitting that night at my friends place.IMG_2549

I decided to make a simple seed stitch cowl, I worked on it that night after dinner and finished the next morning.  It turned out to be one of my favourite scarves.IMG_2597

I think shopping for yarn when in another town is so great, now when I wear this cowl I will think of my friends and the great weekend we had.  I think it might be a new travel tradition!


Do you visit yarn shops when you are out of town?



Fiber Inspiration

I ventured to my LYS last Saturday looking for some inspiration for something exciting we Nuhn girls are working on, but more to come on that later!

Usually when I shop for yarn I have one project in mind, this time I had multiple projects in mind and was letting the yarn be my inspiration. 

I first caught a glimpse of Rowan Creative Focus in Magenta and Teal. I put it down at least 4 times but I loved the colours so much I couldn’t leave it behind.


Then I came across Berroco Blackstone Tweed in Clover Honey. I’m a sucker for tweed!  


I’m a very tactile shopper so when I felt this skien I knew I had to have it. It’s Cascade Highland Duo,  70% undyed baby alpaca 30% undyed merino. I can’t wait to knit something with it. 

My LYS has a room they call the closet and one week a month she opens the door and has all the sale yarn in there. But once the week is over you can’t access it until the next month. So I was lucky that day it was open. I found some Dove by Tahki Yarns which is also so soft, and on sale for half price. Are you feeling the theme of this post that “I couldn’t resist it!” I cast on a Flax sweater and it’s like a soft cloud in my hands. 


And last but not least Harmony was on sale for half price, I grabbed up 4 skiens and will be waiting patiently for the closet to open next month to buy some more. 


I was very happy with my finds, they even gave me a nice Estelle reusable shopping bag!  

How do you pick out your yarns?